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Focus on chronic bleeding disorder

EXPERTS stress need for government to pay more attention to PWH.

Medical experts from the National Hematology Society and the officers of Haplos recently talked about haemophilia at the Bulong Pulungan at Sofitel. It’s a chronic bleeding disorder that affects males involving a missing or malfunctioning factor essential for proper blood clotting.

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Barbra Streisand visits Hill for heart disease

Barbra Streisand. AP FILE PHOTO

Barbra Streisand appealed Wednesday to U.S. lawmakers for more funding and research devoted to women and heart disease, calling it the No. 1 killer of women even as most research into the disease focuses on men.

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Jessica Soho shines in ‘State of the Nation’

SOHO. Asks follow-up questions without being redundant.

Luis Sedillo, televiewer: “I make it a habit to watch Jessica Soho’s ‘State of the Nation’ newscast. I like the way she delivers the news naturally, compared to other news readers’ mannered vocal affectations. She asks appropriate follow-up questions without being redundant. Also, she doesn’t sound arrogant in her comments on pressing issues.”

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Bret Michaels suffers medical emergency at concert

In this April 9, 2008 file photo, Poison lead singer Bret Michaels poses for a portrait  in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles. Michaels has abruptly ended a concert in New Hampshire Thursday May 29, 2014 after suffering a medical emergency. AP

Singer Bret Michaels has abruptly ended a concert in the U.S. state New Hampshire after suffering a medical emergency.

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More rehydrating tips

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Last week, I told my friend, “We wrote an article about your being hospitalized for dehydration. We shared it with others so they won’t experience the same problem.” She replied, “It was an expensive lesson. It cost me P9,000 to stay in the hospital overnight.” Another friend added, “My physical therapist said that it isn’t wise to go to the hospital at this time, because even its corridors are full of patients.”

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