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Gerard Butler shares good news (new GF), recounts near-tragic surfing accident

THE ACTOR says he wants to experience being a father. photo: ruben nepales

In one interview, Gerard Butler went from giddily sharing the news that he’s “in a relationship” to emotionally recounting his harrowing surfing accident while filming “Chasing Mavericks” in December last year.

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Disgruntled ex ‘exposes’ controversial affair

ANGELINE QUINTO “courting” Coco?

Now it all makes sense. Disgruntled Lover continues to bug Pretty Starlet, who seems to have moved on since their breakup.

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Gerard Butler messing about on boats in Cannes

Actor Gerard Butler poses for portraits during the 65th international film festival, in Cannes, southern France, Sunday, May 19, 2012. (AP Photo/Joel Ryan)

Gerard Butler is at the Cannes Film Festival, but he’s avoiding the famous red-carpeted stairs.

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