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Film director Martin Scorsese appeals for ‘visual literacy’

Martin Scorsese. Photo by Ruben V. Nepales

Film director Martin Scorsese urged Americans on Monday to pay greater heed to “visual literacy” and to embrace their rich cinema heritage before it literally fades away.

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Value of film preservation, restoration acknowledged

JOEL Torre in “Oro Plata Mata”

For years now, we’ve been urging our film people and educators to preserve and restore our rapidly diminishing cinematic patrimony for future generations to delight in and learn from. Too many of our film classics have been lost forever due to benign neglect and clueless carelessness. We aren’t talking just about the movies of the [...]

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Martin Scorsese-Mike De Leon team to save Lino Brocka’s film

National Artist Lino Brocka (left) and his cinematographer-producer Mike de Leon joined forces in 1974 for the movie that would alter the course of filmmaking in the country. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

The restoration of Lino Brocka’s 1975 film “Maynila sa mga Kuko ng Liwanag” has found a surprise benefactor from across the globe—Oscar-winning filmmaker Martin Scorsese’s World Cinema Foundation (WCF).

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