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New shows ‘hook’ viewers

MILLAN. Conducts tutorial at Eastwood on April 29. photo: www.nationalgeographic.com

A viewing prospect that’s exciting local TV buffs, particularly canine lovers, is “dog whisperer” Cesar Millan’s new instructional program on the Nat Geo Wild channel, “Cesar to the Rescue.” Millan has helped many people who have pooches that are difficult to handle finally make them more tractable and fun to be with.

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Tail Tales: Polo Ravales


My pet Kookie, a female Saint Bernard, is now two years old. My baby is now a lady. I got her in Baguio City. Once every three months, I take Kookie to the veterinarian for a check-up. I don’t get to hang out with her as often as I want because I’m busy with work, but I try to take her for a 30-minute walk every day. She is my stress-buster. She’s super lambing. Affectionate and caring. She puts her big paw on my lap whenever she wants a hug and a kiss. Bayani San Diego Jr.

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Tail Tales: Sheena Halili


My 4-year Chihuahua Pepper is the baby of our family. She’s the one who wakes me up so we can eat together at lunchtime. I personally bathe and groom her. I’ve taken her to the groomer only twice. I’m scared that she would get hurt. I take her to the vet but not very often […]

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Tail Tales: Sid Lucero


My 2-year-old American Akita’s full name is Yumiko Mitzu Eigenmann or Yumi for short. I make sure to take her out to open spaces as often as I can. The vet visits Yumi once a month. Akitas are the most loyal breed in the world! Yumi hears only my voice.   She gives me unconditional […]

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Tail Tales: Maja Salvador

Photo from Maja’s Instagram

My fan club Cuties recently celebrated its anniversary and they (members) gave [me] two puppies—Bubu, a Pomeranian, and Patchi, a Toy Poodle.   It was good timing because my mom’s Shih Tzu just died. I was never really a big fan of dogs, but I’ve found out that they’re great stress relievers.   They’re like […]

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