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8 survival tips from ‘Marooned’ expert


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‘River Monsters’ on Discovery Channel

Extreme angler and biologist Jeremy Wade takes spine-chilling monster fishing adventures to find out whether these freshwater mysteries are all tales or frightening facts.

The Amazon River is the hunting ground for a terrifying line-up of the world’s most ferocious RIVER MONSTERS; a river this dangerous will not give up its secrets without a fight…Extreme angler, freshwater detective and biologist Jeremy Wade takes viewers on an all-new spine-tingling, mystery-filled freshwater monster hunting expedition in River Monsters 6. Premiering Tuesday, July 8 at 9:00 p.m. on Discovery Channel, the six-part series is one of his most challenging, with Jeremy having to travel over the course of a year to extremely remote locations across the Amazon to get to the bottom of inexplicable mysteries surrounding some of the deadliest human attacks by the most vicious RIVER MONSTERS on the planet.

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‘River Monsters’ reveals freshwater enigmas

THE ANGLING guru poses with the catch of the day.

“Angling guru” Jeremy Wade hosts the Discovery Channel show “River Monsters,” where he puts his vast knowledge of fishing techniques to good use. Fishing has become a challenge because, he said, the crew is given a very limited time for filming.

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Discovery Channel marks 20 years in Asia with ‘Firsts’

discovery channel firsts

The month of May marks Discovery Channel’s 20th year of being in Asia and what better way to celebrate this monumental milestone and thank our fans for joining us on this awe-inspiring journey of endless curiosity, learning and exploration than through DISCOVERY CHANNEL FIRSTS, a five-day special that looks back at the first episodes of the channel’s most iconic and loved series.

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Ex-Navy SEAL meets match in PH jungles

Joel Lambert is a fan of the Philippines but not of its forests. “But the Scout Rangers were awesome. They were good fighters.”

Discovery Channel’s “Manhunt,” a reality series putting a new spin on the game of cat and mouse, stars Joel Lambert, former US Navy SEAL, as he visits various countries around the globe. He challenges different elite military and law enforcement tracking units to hunt him down within a 48-hour period. This tests Lambert’s vast evasion, misdirection and survival skills, while the local hunter force agents treat him as a criminal-like target to be contained and captured before he reaches his extraction point.

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