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Ex-Navy SEAL meets match in PH jungles

Joel Lambert is a fan of the Philippines but not of its forests. “But the Scout Rangers were awesome. They were good fighters.”

Discovery Channel’s “Manhunt,” a reality series putting a new spin on the game of cat and mouse, stars Joel Lambert, former US Navy SEAL, as he visits various countries around the globe. He challenges different elite military and law enforcement tracking units to hunt him down within a 48-hour period. This tests Lambert’s vast evasion, misdirection and survival skills, while the local hunter force agents treat him as a criminal-like target to be contained and captured before he reaches his extraction point.

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Discovery Channel launches ‘Manhunt’ with Joel Lambert

A Manhunt behind-the-scene shot of former U.S. Navy Seal and escape and evasion expert Joel Lambert

The all-new Discovery Channel series “Manhunt with Joel Lambert,” pits former U.S. Navy Seal and escape and evasion expert Joel Lambert in a real-life, extreme version of hide-and-seek against some of the globe’s most elite military and law enforcement tracking units – the Philippines Army Scout Rangers, South Korean National Police SWAT, Panama’s anti-drug trafficking unit Servicio Nacional de Fronteras, Poland’s border guard, the Straz Graniczna, and more.

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Japan’s emergence as world super power on Discovery Channel

Screengrab from http://www.discoverychannelasia.com

It’s the last chance to watch SUPER JAPAN, the Discovery Channel series of documentaries that celebrate the evolution of Japan into the global powerhouse it is today.  Today, March 19, at 7:00 p.m., the last two episodes of the special will highlight the convergence of old and new in the land of the rising sun: “Sea Whisperers” takes [...]

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New Adam and Eve struggle to survive

“NAKED AND AFRAID.” Its main protagonists  try to survive in the wild—and in the buff!

We were idly switching channels recently when a Discovery Channel show, “Naked and Afraid,” grabbed our attention in a big way, for the simple reason that its two main protagonists, a man and a woman, were shown trying to survive in the wild just by their wits—and, in the buff! What was going on?

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Catch gold fever this December on Discovery Channel


It is a gold bonanza on Discovery Channel this December with spin-off special GOLD RUSH: SOUTH AMERICA and the much-awaited return of hit series JUNGLE GOLD, premiering back-to-back on Monday, December 9 at 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. respectively. The crews are doubling down in pursuit of a golden pay day while taking on Mother Nature’s wicked ways, equipment issues, external threats and each other. They all plan to mine their way out of financially hard times…but who has the Midas touch?

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‘The making of Mandela’ on Discovery Channel

Nelson Mandela. FILE PHOTO

The world mourns the loss of one of the greatest inspirations of time. In THE MAKING OF MANDELA, the remarkable life of legendary leader Nelson Mandela is remembered.

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New reality challenge achieves the improbable

“THE BIG BRAIN THEORY.” Makes engineering, problem-solving and invention exciting.

Last Saturday morning, we caught a new reality challenge on the Discovery channel, “The Big Brain Theory,” that made our viewing day, because it achieved the improbable—it made engineering, problem-solving and invention exciting!

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Survival expert returns to Discovery Channel

bear grylls-2

Premiering Monday, October 28 at 9:00 p.m., world-renowned survival extraordinaire and global phenomenon Bear Grylls is back in the brand new BEAR GRYLLS: ESCAPE FROM HELL where he will apply his expertise one step further by pitting himself against real-life dangers faced by ordinary people stranded in devastatingly dire situations in the world’s most desolate landscapes.

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Search on for next Da Vinci on Big Brain Theory in September

STEVENSON RANCH; CALIFORNIA; NOVEMBER 02 2012: Both projects from Big Brain Theory's two teams of engineers explode during the test. Each team built an apparatus that they hoped would limit the G-force applied to explosives on the back of two pick-up trucks as they collides at approximately 35 mph, avoiding an explosion.

Premiering Friday, September 13 at 9:00 p.m., THE BIG BRAIN THEORY: PURE GENIUS is looking for the next great innovator who could possibly change the future.

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‘Amish Mafia’ star imprisoned after car chase


A Pennsylvania man who stars in the Discovery Channel show “Amish Mafia” has been sentenced to three to 23 months in prison for leading police on a chase that injured a state trooper last summer.

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Discovery Channel observes Ramadan with 3 films on Islamic culture, History


Every year, over a billion Muslims worldwide observe the sacred month of Ramadan. Celebrated this year between 9 July and 8 August, Ramadan is not simply about fasting from dawn to sunset, praying and charity, but it is also a time for reflection, spiritual purification and devotion to Allah, to inculcate self-control, generosity, kindness and God-mindfulness within a person.

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Stunning wildlife encounters vivify ‘North America’

“NORTH America”

Traversing the vast continent, the Discovery miniseries “North America” captures rare and stunning footage of wildlife and environmental imagery.

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