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Popular performer skips town after failed romance


Gifted Performer is widely acclaimed in local entertainment, but famously skipped town in a huff.

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Desperate housewife gets mistress makeover

SAM PINTO’s main asset is her bod.

Powerful personality has long been rumored to be a philanderer, resulting in the eternal suffering of his Dowdy Wife. DW would look the other way while PP fooled around with impunity.

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Boozing actor passes out on movie set

ANGELICA Panganiban jokes about getting hitched.

Industry Bigwig was shocked to learn that Top Actor was a boozer. TA showed up on the set drunk as a skunk and caused a commotion because he passed out.

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Gay star fails to rouse hunk


The scene they were doing had an unusual requirement for Virile Veteran and Hunky Newcomer: They were supposed to be aroused by the presence of thrilled Gay Costar.

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Cute rival irks handsome hunk–again


Cute actor just gave Handsome Hunk another reason to go ballistic. CA snapped up a lucrative project once attached to HH. It was a slap on HH’s face (he thought he could hold on to the deal forever).

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Visiting artist’s handlers interrupt interview

AMERICAN Idols (from L) Colton Dixon, Skylar Laine, Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips meet fans at The Piazza at Venice in McKinley Hill. Photo by JUDE BAUTISTA

It was not Enterprising Reporter’s first distressing encounter with Visiting Artist. Still, ER gave VA a second chance.

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How sexy star snagged P1-M paycheck


Sexy Starlet is no longer active in local show biz. However, she bagged a major project recently.

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Sexy starlet finds match in cute actor

IZA CALZADO: Ready, set...?

Sultry Starlet is famously insatiable in the boudoir. Well, she found her match in Handsome Actor.

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Scandalous star banned from family parties

JANICE de Belen

Perhaps it’s true that the marriage of Controversial Celebrity and Long-Suffering Partner is in trouble.

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Hunky actor’s handsome friend makes leading lady feel left out

CRISTINE Reyes crazy in love?

If Hunky Actor and Leading Lady lacked chemistry onscreen, it could well be because the guy was distracted while they were shooting.

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Miffed actor walks out on promo event

MARIAN Rivera a coward?

Character Actor has seen better days. Once much sought-after, he’s no longer as busy as before.

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