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Gay love affair scandalizes gym rats

GERALD Anderson had to ride a motorbike to get to the airport on time.

Remember Handsome Hottie who flirted recklessly with fellow hunks backstage at a splashy event?

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Pretty visitor’s weird ways turn off the guys

AIZA Seguerra has found her true gender. EDWIN BELOSILLO

Seasoned insider has a crush on Visiting Beauty. Harsh reality surfaced when SI got to talk to VB’s Former Beau. Turned out, VB is flaky and unpredictable.

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Depressed celeb suffers mishap

STUDIO provides Jasmine Curtis-Smith a bodyguard on the set

From the Inquirer tabloid Bandera: Controversial Celeb was feeling blue. Latest sweetheart had just publicly given up on their “romance” and CC looked inconsolable.

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Popular performer skips town after failed romance


Gifted Performer is widely acclaimed in local entertainment, but famously skipped town in a huff.

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Desperate housewife gets mistress makeover

SAM PINTO’s main asset is her bod.

Powerful personality has long been rumored to be a philanderer, resulting in the eternal suffering of his Dowdy Wife. DW would look the other way while PP fooled around with impunity.

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