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The troubled pop star

/ 10:35 PM March 29, 2013

I think Justin Bieber’s troubles really begun after Selena Gomez broke up with him again. I remember reading reports that he was so emotionally devastated by the break-up that he just locked himself up in the hotel room and refused to perform that night. It was perhaps childish on his part but sometimes people have to be reminded that no matter how huge he is as a pop star and how internationally famous he has become, that deep down he still is a kid at heart.

A lot of us still have that image in our heads of the young teenager singing “Baby, Baby…” because that single was his biggest hit here in the Philippines, to date. And for a majority of his young fans, that is the song with its chorus still imprinted in their minds and hearts.

In my opinion, the problems Justin Bieber is facing seems to be getting worse and worse. They don’t seem so trivial anymore and easy to overlook. While no pop star is perfect and everyone is bound to have a bad day occasionally, it is entirely different when you are one of the biggest pop stars in the world.


It may seem that everything you do good, or bad, is magnified many times over. And this is where the problem lies also. Justin Bieber is starting to feel like he’s living in a “fish bowl” and everyone is watching his next move or next mistake.  When one has such a clean image and a wholesome reputation as he did before, there will always be people out to destroy his name and capitalize on everything he has worked hard to build and become.

A perfect example of a person capitalizing on Justin Bieber’s fame and fortune is his new-found “friend” Lil Twist. Why in the world would you lend one of your most prized possessions to someone of a questionable background and already proven untrustworthy?

When Justin Bieber was in London, he lent the keys of one of his luxury vehicles to Lil Twist. It was a chromed Fisker Karma, a car worth an estimated $100,000. Lil Twist smashed the car on to the cement poles of a liquor store when he was trying to park it.

What’s worse, he just left it there and acted as though nothing happened. That is technically a hit-and-run case. Isn’t that a crime?

This unfortunate incident happened on March 2. But you’d think that would already have been a wake-up call for Justin Bieber to be rid off Lil Twist once and for all and to distance himself from the fellow. What does he do instead? He next lends his Range Rover to the guy!

It is not only because Lil Twist is an irresponsible freeloading guy. He is an obviously bad influence on Bieber. I have read numerous reports in the last few months that it is because of Lil Twist that Justin Bieber tried marijuana to cope with Selena Gomez’ leaving him again, and that was a controversy that took a while for Justin Bieber to shake off !

I think the person he really has to shake off is Lil Twist. This guy is bad news for Bieber. If he chooses to continue to associate with people like that, then he is only asking for more trouble. And just how many luxury cars must his “friend” wreck before Bieber realizes he doesn’t need people like that in his life. It is not only a threat to his personal safety but his professional career as well.

What if Justin Bieber had been in the passenger’s seat when Lil Twist crashed Bieber’s luxury car into the cement poles of the liquor store ? Would Lil Twist have left him there also? Who can Justin Bieber trust and truly rely on? They would be his management team and his mom who raised him as a single parent and worked double jobs just to support him. They are his support system.


That is why young artists like Justin Bieber should rely heavily on a strong support system, and not on friends, to not only guide them but to ensure that they maintain the clean image they have. The management of Justin Bieber has to do a lot of “damage control” and figure out the best way for their client to get out of his latest mess.

If you can’t get rid of the excess baggage around you—people who are clearly not after your best interests and are only around you to use you and take advantage of what they can get from you—then, that right there, is another reason to heed the advices of your management team. The saying that “everybody loves a winner” is applicable here and can be seen in the case of Justin Bieber.

I have read of pop stars in the past who had so many hangers-on, huge entourages, and people who just wanted to be associated with them simply because they were famous then. Some of these pop stars felt that these people were their real friends and would be there for them no matter what. Wrong! You are only as good as your last hit and if you are no longer raking in money and selling millions of records, then don’t expect most of these people to hang around with you anymore. That’s just the way things are.

Almost a month ago, Justin Bieber had to be held back by one of his bodyguards from attacking a photographer in London who allegedly mocked him about his Fisker Karma getting wrecked by his friend hoping to get a reaction from Bieber. Whether it is true or not, the photographer had provoked him. In the reports, it is Justin Bieber appearing to be the one out of control and the instigator, and not the photographer. Of course, there will always be people who would want to get a rise out of pop stars and would want them loose their cool. So that they could sue these pop stars. They could not care less if they wreck reputations or make false allegations. They are just there to get whatever they can from you.

Now, Bieber’s latest trouble is the worst he has ever been in.

Reports a few days back are that Bieber got into an alleged verbal altercation and spat on the face of his neighbour because the said neighbor had been complaining about the noise levels of parties that took place at Bieber’s house when he wasn’t around.

The latest reports coming in are that the neighbor is now saying that Bieber not only spat on his face but threatened to kill him as well. Really? That seems too much of a stretch to say and frankly hard to imagine that Bieber would even do that. The details are getting pieced together as the story of the incident progresses. It is already being reported as a battery incident by the county sheriff.

Clearly now, somebody has to get Justin Bieber back on track .

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