Michael Jackson’s kids peep out from their (security) blankets


“PRINCE” Michael Jackson (standing) interviewed the cast of “Oz the Great and the Powerful”—among them (from left) director Sam Raimi, James Franco, and Zach Braff—on “Entertainment Tonight” recently.

When he was alive, Michael Jackson did his utmost to keep his three children hidden from public sight. Perhaps he was doing so in preemptive reaction to his own sad experience as a child celebrity who was constantly fighting for his privacy against the intrusive media and other gawkers.

In any case, he even took the extreme step of sometimes covering his kids’ faces with blankets and such, to protect and preserve their all-important privacy and anonymity.

It would thus appear to be logical to surmise that, had he not passed away, Jackson would have made sure that his kids didn’t pursue entertainment careers of their own. After all, he had earned more than enough to support all of them up to the end of their days!

Well, that’s all changed. Jackson’s son, Michael Jr., also known as “Prince” Michael, was only 12 when his father died in 2009. He dutifully stayed out of the public spotlight. He and his siblings did speak to their father’s fans during his funeral service, and at the Grammys in 2010, when they accepted a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award on his behalf.

Late last month, however, Prince Michael served as a guest correspondent for “Entertainment Tonight,” interviewing the cast of “Oz the Great and the Powerful.” Only 16, he did well enough to be invited back by the program, and he quickly accepted.

Pressed to talk about his career plans in greater detail, he obliged: “I want to become well-rounded as a producer, director, screenwriter and actor.” Papa Michael may be turning exquisitely in his grave!

What about Michael’s second child, Paris? She’s the beauty in their nuclear family, so it’s logical to believe that she could be getting ready to eventually come on strong as a singer-actor in her own right. However, she has yet to talk about her career plans.

In 2012, Paris did agree to an extensive interview by Oprah Winfrey, during which she talked about her father, her childhood, and having been a victim of bullying. Clearly, she isn’t about to opt for a life of total privacy and anonymity, either. We should be hearing more from her soon!

The most unknown factor in the Jacksons’ evolving equation is the youngest child, Prince Michael “Blanket” Jackson II—so named, because his was the little face that a blanket literally hid from public view when he was only 2. Will he eventually step out from behind his (security) blanket as well? Only time will tell.

If the “law” of sibling rivalry has anything to say on the matter, he could end up as the most “driven” and competitive Jackson kid in the litter!

It goes without saying that all this talk about show biz careers and such would have saddened Papa Michael, were he still around. He really did suffer greatly from the negative consequences of precocious celebrity, not to mention the added onus and burden of being his large family’s little star—and top breadwinner.

It was wise of him to want to protect his own children from all that—but it looks like talent will out despite parental limitations and prohibitions, so let’s hope that the Jackson children will have generally positive careers—that will prove their late father’s worst fears wrong!

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  • HarryRR

    The adoration for Michael Jackson is beyond compare, to the extent that the instant intense interest of the public for his children were and are like no other. Think about John Lennon’s/ Elvis’/ Paul McCartney’s  offspring/s – did they get the same attention as MJ’s kids? Not even close.  That’s how magnetic the greatest entertainer of all time is.

  • Myra Morris

    I wish the Children well in what ever they choose in there future. Michael raise these children with respect, intelligence. He was and excellent father and it shows in what ever these children have done since his passing They will go far as long as the media leave them alone Good Luck children I wish you well

    • octuplet

      Drug addicts no matter how well intentioned do not make excellent fathers. A rich and famous drug addict or a poor one it is all the same, their drug of choice takes precedence over everyone even their children.

  • yaangie09

    Actually, Michael always told his children that they can be who they want to be – and that INCLUDED the world of show business! There is also a home video on YouTube, where he is speaking with his kids about what they would like to do as adults, and when he asks Paris, she replies: “I want to do what you do”. When he asks her what is that he does, she is more precise and that’s it…He has no reservations about it and more was said – but you’ll have to check out the video. However, the only concern may have been, at what age do they begin? Yes, covering their faces was to give them privacy. His intention was to allow his children to actually do normal things outside of the home without him; such as trips to the cinema, bowling, meeting up with cousins/family, and whatever else kids normally like to do. 

    This meant that while others took them to these places, they were not bothered by the media or anyone else (and especially with the possible threat of kidnapping the kids of the most famous man on the planet). They could go out and enjoy themselves free of masks without having their father around, as they were now unidentifiable! Clever dad, indeed! I mean, as soon as the masks were removed, (once while with their father in early June 09) the snap shots were in the papers before one could say, *BOO! 

    Then, Michael passed and some media reporters assumed that their father’s memorial was the first time the children had been “unmasked”…Wrong again! In fact, how some of the media actually missed what was captured BY the media the month before, is beyond me. 

    So now we had the kids’ faces/identities being televised to the masses…And a new wave of Jackson-related onslaught began, with the biological make-up of the kids being *Analysed – *Inspected – *Dissected and *Determined, not only by some of the usual media-heads, but also by the ignorant who trolled ANY Internet article which referenced Michael Jackson, yet had NOTHING to do with the subject of his kids. They remarked/commented away as self-appointed experts on their biological make-up – to which, again, Michael Jackson was excluded as being the father. They determined set rules for what a black/white mix combination can produce.  

    It was typical, disgusting, vulture-like behavior! The same their father often went through.  

    Anyway … 

    You know, if journalists/editors and the likes took time to thoroughly research before saying certain things, (That’s why I usually refer to media staff as too eager to assume and presume too much whenever it comes to  MJ) they would be better equipped with actual facts. However, and sadly, many have shown themselves to be far too immoral and lazy to make a decent journalist/editor and the likes; because they have simply abandoned the most important work ethic pertaining to their chosen career…Thorough, unbiased research for truth!! Fact! 

    There is, however, something I would genuinely like to give you credit for, (though for obvious reasons, we really shouldn’t have to be saying this) and that is the fact that you have written an article pertaining to Michael/his kids without running the man to the ground; as so many, self-righteous media-heads practice far too often whenever it comes to Michael Jackson. The fact that the bias, unfair and plain wretched treatment of Michael Jackson (and scrutiny of his kids, now) continued after he passed was the last straw and fans have had enough of it. Fortunately, there are a few journalists/editors (we badly need more of them), who have recently taken a none-bias / less harsh approach and a renewed focus toward compiling an article pertaining to Michael Jackson.  

     Anyway, thanks for that!

    • gnick3

      I would also like to correct this ‘reporter’ about Paris. He said she has not come forward with career plans. She did an interview on her own last year with Oprah ( how you missed that as a reporter who knows) all about her career plans and a movie she did that will be coming out. 

    • octuplet

      Michael Jackson covered his children’s faces because he knew they were white and for publicity purposes. He drew more attention to the kids because he covered their faces. There is not one photo or video out there of the children going out without him. Michael did not allow those kids out of his sight. In the Martin Bachir documentary when Michael was asked by Martin Bachir why he did not allow his security or nanny take the kids to the Berlin zoo without him he basically said he did not trust them. Martin Bachir asked that question because Prince was almost trampled by Michael Jackson’s fans. Michael went on to further explain if the kids get hurt with him he would rather that then with security. Tons of video footage has hit the internet and photos and not one video or photo show Prince, Paris or Blanket out and out and about without Michael. Michael Jackson’s kids were never in danger of being kidnapped. And the birthday celebration for Paris that you cited was not Michael asking what the kids want to do when they grow up. Michael asked Paris, “what do you want for your birthday?” And she started to babble and was not understandable and so he asked the question again as to what do you want to do for your birthday. Paris being only four at the time did not understand that he was referencing her birthday. So she responded ” I want to do what you do.” Michael asked, ” What is it that I do”? Paris responded,” You dance and sing.” Michael said, “Is that what you want to do?” Paris replied, ” yes.” That is when Prince chirped in and said, “me too.” And Michael sternly replied, “I am not talking to you Prince, this is Paris birthday.” Paris said, “It is not your birthday, Prince it is not your birthday.” Later Michael put microphones on them when they were in their pajamas and requested that they thank him for the birthday celebration and profess their love for him. They did not take trips to the cinema Michael Jackson had his own home theater on the grounds of Neverland. It was a distance from the main house. When Michael would have guests over at times the children would accompany Michael to view a movies in his theater. They did not go bowling with staff. And they had extremely limited contact with any of their cousins. There is only one picture with Michael and Blanket and Jaffar and Jermajesty. Michael’s family could only see him by appointment. He had a bad relationship with most of his family except his mother and he said to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach his spiritual advisor that at times he did not trust his mother’s intentions. There is not one video or picture with the kids and their family except the family photo that was taken when Michael was there. There was one video of the three kids going in his mother’s house and coming out. As Prince said over the summer in referencing the grandmother’s whereabouts not being divulged to the kids, Prince said his father told him not to trust certain members of the family. The only time Michael sort of encouraged his son to do whatever he wanted was during Prince’s first birthday and their is that video footage in which Michael Jackson says to Prince, “You can be whatever you want.” Michael said that but never encouraged individuality on the part of his children. They were more like groupies than anything else. Michael was always the center of attention in their world. The only person that got close to the kids was the nanny, Grace Rwamba. They also called her mom. She had a special tight bond with Blanket as seen in the pictures when she would strap him to her back. She said though, that Michael Jackson would fire her at will if he felt the kids were getting to close to her. And then after much begging from the kids he would hire her back. Michael never allowed those kids to have a normal life. They only went out with him and then they were mobbed. Most of the time that they went out were to places that a kid really would not want to go such as Hardy’s store who is a designer. It was his house that Michael rented and died in. When he got to the store he was swarmed with fans. Neverland amusement park the children rarely enjoyed. Neverland was the bait Michael used to get to other kids. There are a few pictures with Prince, Paris and Blanket in the amusement parks but not many. They are professional photo’s of the kids siting on merry go round and a picture of Prince and Paris in a toy car. Michael Jackson did not allow the children to roam free to enjoy the ranch that was reserved for all the boys he brought to the ranch. Prince, Paris and Blanket had a swing set in the back away from everyone. A simple swing set that is all. They never mingled much with other kids. Their main friends were the triplets they were around and Nancy Malnik’s children. The one time when you see Michael out with his kids and they are not covered and they are just having a good time is in Ireland. And they are at a Jumpin Jack fun center. In the grainy video you can see Michael bringing popcorn to his kids and having fun with them. So Michael did not even take these kids out much to do fun things and neither did anyone else. He has tons of video footage of having fun with different boys though. And the only reason that Michael put those ridiculous masks on those kids is because he knew that would bring a lot of attention to the children not the other way around. Michael was a genius at playing to the media attention. That is why at times he would uncover them and then cover them back up. And they are not Michael Jackson’s children. Prince and Paris are Debbie Rowe’s biological children. Their father is Arnold Klein. Paris looks exactly like Debbie and Prince looks like Arnold Klein. Michael Jackson asked for sperm from” a bodyguard, Arnold Klein, the guy who was a child star in the play: Oliver, and a number of other people. Debbie Rowe basically admitted that she and Michael never had sex. ” She was inseminated like one of her thoroughbred horses. And she was paid quite well. Blanket’s father is unknown also and his mother is a surrogate that Michael Jackson found. Michael Jackson was a musical genius none of which was passed to Prince, Paris or Blanket because he is not their bio dad. And he never encouraged them to explore any of the performing arts. In his latter years though he was more infamous than famous.

    • octuplet

      Michael Jackson did uncover his childrens’ faces when he wanted too. He and Debbie Rowe posed for OK magazine on many different occasions. Michael has pictures of when Prince was first born, and Paris. He has professional photos of Prince and Paris together. And I am sure he was paid quite well for those pictures. That is the game Michael played. He and the kids would sit for professional photos and then later he would cover their faces for so called privacy. Debbie Rowe was invited to a special photo shoot. Tons of pictures were taken of Michael, Debbie and the kids as though they were a family and then released to the media. Once the photo shoot was done Debbie Rowe was asked to leave immediately. Debbie Rowe was not just the mother of two of Michaels’ kids she also was a devout fan/groupie. If Michael Jackson care about his children as he professed then he should have checked into rehab and gotten clean and sober. He would be here today. Obviously his drug and alcohol addiction took precedence over his children. He left these kids orphans. He never let them know who their biological father was. He never let these kids know that Debbie Rowe was their mom not some family friend. He secluded himself to his room as most addicts do. He would come out and play with the children per their request and then go back to a dark, overheated, room with no phone. He was high most of the time. He dragged these kids around the globe where the hotel was like a second home. These kids stayed to themselves most of the time in their rooms. The only staff allowed in the house were chefs, housekeepers, nanny Rwamaba etc. And no one was allowed it the area where the kids and Michael were except the doctor who eventually gave Michael Jackson propofol. Michael Jackson lived the life of a nomad and so did his children. He said he had no childhood and he robbed his children of a childhood. They never had any real friends, they never went to school, they never were involved in the performing arts, they never knew what it was like to have a mom around, they never had sleepovers, they lived in and out of hotels, they never socialized with their cousins, they rarely spent time with their grandmother, they were kept on a strict diet, they witnessed inner city children come to the ranch and enjoy the zoo and theme park but they were never allowed to associate, they spent a lot of time around grownups, this is the life Michael showed them. That was no life for a child. And most importantly Michael Jackson was a heavy duty drug user and his drugs were more important than his children.

  • DaddysGirl4Ever

    The only thing that drives me nuts is refering to MJ as papa michael. Yes he is the childrens daddy. but to me papa to me refers to more of like a Grandfather. It could be because my kids called my father papa. so to me using papa refering to MJ throws me off. but I do like that he didn’t run his name through the mud like all the other media does.
    and MJ did tell them that he would support them in anything they chose to do. That’s what parents do. I don’t think he’d be rolling over in his grave because of what his children are doing.  I think he would be very proud of them. they are still having a normal childhood and that is all he wanted for them.

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