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Discovery Kids go green in February

08:40 PM January 23, 2013

MANILA, Philippines – Being a teen just got a whole lot more exciting for three adventure-loving siblings! THE GREEN SQUAD  is a brand new Indiana Jones meets Scooby Doo animated adventure series that brings kids closer to wildlife and nature, teaching them important concepts like conservation of wildlife, flora and fauna, good practices on protecting endangered species and keeping the ecosystem in balance.  Based on the popular comic books Les Sauvenature and its character illustrations, passionate whiz kids, Claire, Julien and Thomas Salvage enlist the aid of a global blogging network to save the planet’s natural treasures. From the deepest jungles of Borneo to the remote cliffs of the Grand Canyon, THE GREEN SQUAD lives an action-packed life protecting endangered species and the homes they live in. THE GREEN SQUAD premieres daily at 7:00 p.m., starting Tuesday, February 5. Encores on weekdays at 9:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m and weekends at 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

If you are an adventure junkie like the Salvage kids, one hair-raising experience is definitely not enough! In THE GREEN SQUAD, each thirty-minute episode features not one, but two adventure stories. Wake up and smell the fresh forest foliage in the premiering episode, which sees the family in the virgin forests of exotic Brazil on what they thought would be a relaxing vacation. Alas, they are not alone – pesky poachers hoping to cash in on illegally-caught wildlife end up capturing not just the animals, but family members like their Uncle Mark! It is up to the kids to save him and the endangered wildlife, and things take a twist when help comes in the unexpected form of plants with hallucinogenic properties. The series continues as THE GREEN SQUAD and their trusty pet sidekick, Wifi, go all the way to the lush jungles of Indonesia, where they come face to face with rare pangolins as well as an illegal network of animal traffickers. Will they be able to escape unscathed?

Their earth-saving adventures also take them to Australia, Kenya, China and other amazing locations where they find a new home for iguanas, solve a water crisis for a herd of thirsty zebras, discover alternatives to a pesticide problem, apart from facing dangerous poachers. Through a global blogging network and the help of allies in the most unexpected places, they tackle all kinds of environmental issues across the globe.


As the world becomes more conscious about saving the planet, Discovery Kids merges entertainment with education by presenting trivia in an exciting format that keeps viewers at the edge of their seats. Step into a world where remote jungles are right at your backyard, the kids save the adults, and sneaking into dangerous territory is all in a day’s work. Saving the planet is a huge task, but there is no challenge that the little ones of THE GREEN SQUAD will not rise to. Join them on their amazing adventures, exclusively on Discovery Kids:

The Treetop Raft

Premieres Feb 5

The Green Squad is in Brazil travelling in a hot air balloon with their Uncle Mark above the virgin forest. Claire, Thomas, Julian, and Wifi camp atop the trees in an inflatable raft and observe the magnificent macaws of Brazil. Uncle Mark is captured by parrot poachers and is saved only through the courage and cunning of the Green Squad, who remembered a few things their uncle taught them about botany. In the end, it is a surprising hero who ends up setting the captured macaws free.

The Pangolin Smugglers

Premieres Feb 5

In the jungles of Indonesia, on the island of Sumatra, the Henry family is filming pangolins, a harmless, lovable species but threatened with extinction because they are trafficked so heavily. While they are observing a female pangolin and her baby, they are surprised by two poachers, who force them to hand over the mother pangolin. Thanks to one particular reader of their blog, they’re back on the trail of the traffickers, and sneak onto the private property of the rich businessman that leads their network. The Green Squad is taken prisoner and will have to think of a few tricks to escape and reunite the mother pangolin with her baby.


Caspian Sea Mission

Premieres Feb 6

Mr. and Mrs. Henry are filming a herd of seals lounging on the coast of a small sand island in the middle of the Caspian Sea, when all of a sudden they hear shots ring out! The Green Squad, with the help of Vladimir, a sea mammal specialist, do everything in their power to protect a lost baby seal from some dangerous poachers.

The Orang Rimbas’ Treasure

Premieres Feb 6

The Green Squad is on the island of Sumatra to visit the shaman Betaring and his family from the Rimba tribe. When they get there, our friends notice that the natives are protesting vigorously against the construction of a road that threatens to destroy the forest and make their survival in the primeval forest in perfect harmony with nature more difficult. After they report on this problem on their blog, the Green Squad realises that there is only one way to stop the road work: find some Rafflesia, a giant, very rare flower, on the natives’ land. They’ll have an unexpected ally on this adventure: Jess, the son of the man overseeing the construction of the road.

Iguana Park

Premieres Feb 7

In the Caribbean, the Green Squad looks into the disturbing drop in the Lesser Antillean Iguana population – a protected species despite its large numbers. Their research puts them on the trail of curious predators, which they identify with the help of Malisha, a young student and blogger. When they return to the beach where the iguanas live, the Green Squad watches their habitat being pillaged once again by stray dogs. With the aid of their parents and a game warden, the Green Squad decides to capture all of the iguanas and transport them to a neighboring desert island, where they will finally be able to live in peace!

SOS Bonobos

Premieres Feb 7

The Green Squad is in the Congo at the invitation of Mr. Oubané, who runs an orphanage for baby bonobos – amazing chimpanzees whose behaviour are alike humans’. Since they are hunted for their meat and are also victims of deforestation, bonobos are becoming extinct. Claire, Thomas, Julian, and Wifi discover with amazement that baby bonobos that a lack of affection or a prolonged captivity invariably causes them to die. With the aid of their host’s daughter Bernadette, the Green Squad tries to help a baby bonobo regain its freedom from a tourist couple, who are unaware of the danger they are putting their new four-handed companion in.

Fire In The Australian Bush

Premieres Feb 8

The Green Squad spends a few days’ vacation in Australia in the koala sanctuary where their Uncle Mark is working. To their dismay, they discover several dangers that threaten the poor animals with extinction. They must offer them real protection against two terrible threats: a hunter with no scruples and a terrible bush fire.

Water For Everyone!

Premieres Feb 8

Uncle Mark has invited the Green Squad on a safari in Kenya. During their excursion, the Green Squad approach an adorable family of Grévy’s zebras. Near the village of Samburu where they are staying, they watch helplessly as the family of zebras look longingly at the only man-made lake in the region and are driven away by the shepherds. Unable to resign themselves to letting the zebras die of thirst, the Green Squad launch an appeal on their blog and discover, thanks to an old cowboy from Texas, that it is possible to draw water with a pump using nothing but wind energy. With the help of Uncle Mark and a few villagers, they make a wind pump and double the capacity of the man-made lake. But this new treasure attracts a scrawny lion, who attacks one of the tribe’s calves. What happens next? Find out in this episode of The Green Squad!

Long Live The Butterflies!

Premieres Feb 9

The Green Squad is in Laos to observe butterflies, including the famous Atlas, one of the largest in the world. They discover sick butterflies and birds with blue spots on them. When they meet a young Laotian who leads them to the fields, Claire realizes that the animals were contaminated by pesticides used by a farmer whose fields are infested with aphids. The Green Squad post an SOS on their blog to try to find an alternate solution which turns to be from their grandma. Using gradndma’s special, the Green Squad manage to convince the farmers that the aphids can be eradicated naturally and cheaply.

Pandas In Danger

Premieres Feb 9

Claire, Thomas, Julian, and Wifi are in China at the invitation of the Wolong Panda Conservation Center. There they meet their Uncle Mark, a specialist in nature reserves. With the help of a young Chinese zoologist named Li Chen, the Green Squad learns to look after the orphaned baby pandas under the center’s care. However, even though they are a protected species, pandas are still being hunted for their magnificent fur. Through exploring the bamboo forests with their uncle, and with the help of their friends on the Green Squad blog, Claire, Julian, Thomas, and Wifi finds way to flush out the band of poachers running amok in the very heart of the reserve.

The Sengi Forest

Premieres Feb 10

The Green Squad travel to Kenya with their parents and visit the last coastal forest in Africa. They have to succeed in filming a sengi, a funny little rodent with a nose like a horn believed to be extinct. While a hilarious game of hide-and-seek begins between their parents and the animal, the Green Squad, guided by Ranja the ranger, discover the beauties of the forest, which is threatened by merchants of precious woods, and become friends with a family of very poor lumberjacks. With the help of their blog friends, Claire, Thomas, Julian, and Wifi find an amazing way to help this lumberjack family make ends meet and stop destroying the forest – the only refuge the sengis have left.

Beware of Wolves

Premieres Feb 10

Claire, Thomas, Julian, and Wifi are accompanying their parents, who are doing a documentary on the natural beauties of Yellowstone Park in Wyoming. Claire is obsessed with getting to see some of the famous wolves. Her enthusiasm for these extraordinary animals is not shared by the shepherds whose farms border the park and hunt the wolves that decimate their flocks. While they are being shown around the park by old Doug, the Green Squad witness the death of a young wolf which was shot by a mysterious hunter. Right away, the Green Squad suspect Tony, their host’s son, who brags about being an expert marksman. But was it really him?

Ferret Fancy

Premieres Feb 11

Our friends the Green Squad visit ferret specialist Professor Ron Philips at his home in Riverton, Wyoming. Prof. Philips is trying to reintroduce the black-footed ferret, a very rare species, into its natural habitat on a Shoshone Indian reservation. However, these little prairie mammals are the frequent victims of all kinds of predators. The professor’s efforts end in failure, so the Green Squad write about their problem on their blog. But things get complicated when a mysterious Shoshone healer kidnaps the ferrets. Wifi, who has fallen in love with a ravishing black-footed ferret, also wants to conduct an investigation of his own.

Hummingbird Hotel

Premieres Feb 11

The Henrys arrive in Cuba for their family vacation. While looking for a hotel, they meet Jorge and his daughter Joseffa who warmly offer them lodging in their small, deserted inn. During the adults’ mealtime conversation, a hummingbird suddenly falls motionless from the air. The Green Squad soon learn that hummingbirds cannot store energy, so they must eat constantly. But the giant hotels being planned by the developer are putting the species in danger so Claire, Julian, and Thomas decide to alert the Green Squad network!

The Green Great Wall

Premieres Feb 12

The Green Squad comes to Mauritania and discover the Great Green Wall, a gigantic project designed to halt the advance of the desert across the African continent. After spending a night under the stars with Jibril, their young guide, they come to discover that villagers use the newly planted trees for their domestic needs, thus compromising the project’s success. Thanks to their blog and their own determination, Claire, Thomas, Julian, and Wifi manage to convince Jibril and the local population of the usefulness of the solar oven!

Theft of the Condor

Premieres Feb 12

The Green Squad accompanies their parents who are doing a documentary on the reintroduction of condors in the Grand Canyon in Arizona. After being killed by hunters for centuries, these large, majestic birds are on the verge of extinction. They survive only thanks to action taken by scientists, who have taken it upon themselves to raise them and eventually set them free. The Green Squad are very moved to witness the first laying of a condor egg in the wild. But the following day, the egg has disappeared from its nest on top of a rock. Aided by their friends on the Green Squad blog, Claire, Thomas, Julian, and Wifi find themselves hot on the trail of a mysterious thief who is working for a very rich egg collector. Who is this mysterious man?

Seahorse Aid

Premieres Feb 13

The Henry family is in Thailand making a documentary about seahorses. While there, Claire, Thomas, Julian, and Wifi meet Kasemchai, who is helping his father out at the market. To their surprise, the Green Squad find out that they bought dried seahorses! Kasemchai and his father seem uncomfortable but admit that the reason for selling dried seahorses is because the tourists love them. The Green Squad come to realize that to save the seahorses, they first have to change the habits of the tourists. With the help of Nasha Peterson, a world-renowned singer who has come to Phuket to give a few concerts, the Green Squad manages to turn public opinion in favour of the funny little fish!

Revenge of the Flying Foxes

Premieres Feb 13

Flying foxes, the giant bats of Madagascar, are being systematically massacred. Leo and Léa, two forest rangers, hate how powerless they feel against the poachers and wish the young people of Madagascar would be more sensitive to environmental and nature conservation issues. The Green Squad helps the two forest rangers with their teaching mission by visiting a school in the mountains and help track down two poachers – one of which makes a surprising decision at the end of the episode.

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