Lahbati blasts GMA7 on management of Kapuso artists


Sarah Lahbati

MANILA, Philippines–Actress Sarah Lahbati, who recently demanded for the revocation of her talent management contract with GMA7, has accused network executives of being involved in “under-the-table deals” in relation to the management of other Kapuso artists.

In her Twitter account posted on Jan. 7, the 19-year-old actress revealed that GMA Films president Annette Gozon-Abrogar and GMA Artist Center (GMAAC) head for talent management Arsi Baltazar have arranged a meeting with her to convince her to sign a contract with Icons, another talent management outfit headed by Bebong Muñoz and Andrew Dee.

“They promised me projects and endorsements. I don’t know why (they) wanted me to sign with another management company and get another 15 percent from my salary,” Lahbati said. GMAAC deducts 25 percent from the take-home pay of each of its talents.

Lahbati said she turned down the offer “because we didn’t know Muñoz and Dee, plus the deduction of 40 percent was too steep.” She said Abrogar and Baltazar told her that “a lot of artists from GMAAC already signed with the Icons company and they will be prioritized so I should do the same.”

The actress then said she opted to sign up with Royal Era Entertainment and Artist Management, owned by Annabelle Rama, mom to her boyfriend actor Richard Gutierrez. “This was because I know co-managing with a different company was allowed,” she explained. “Because of double bookings, a messed-up schedule and other unsolved issues, I needed proper management and protection with my career. That was why I asked for Tita Annabelle’s help.”

Lahbati said GMA7 has demanded that she revoke her contract with Rama “or else it will file a lawsuit against me. So why is that Icons Management can co-manage artists?”

For the issues she raised on Twitter, Lahbati was “evidently beclouding the real issue, which was whether or not she indeed violated her contract” with GMA 7, the network said in a statement sent to the Inquirer.

GMA 7 added that “it has not authorized any referrals (to Icons Management) and that concrete actions have already been taken to address the issue.”

The statement also said that Lahbati’s decision to go on leave “despite the network’s disapproval, is a violation of her contract… Her declared trip to Switzerland for an indefinite period, without the prior consent and approval of the network, will be an additional violation of her contract.”

On Jan. 2, Lahbati posted on Twitter that “because of all of this uncertainty and stress, my family and I decided that I go back to Switzerland and study there… This does not mean that I will be gone from the industry and craft that I love… Just a breather from all the chaos.”

The GMA 7 statement also pointed to Lahbati’s decision not to appear on “Party Pilipinas,” where she is a regular performer, as a cessation “to honor her commitments with the network.”

The statement stressed that “under the provisions of her contract, specifically paragraphs 1.3 and 1.4, it is clearly stated that the artist shall perform the role and appear in the television programs, projects and events assigned to her, and conscientiously fulfill faithfully and promptly any and all engagements/booking contracted to her by GMA7.”

“In her tweets, Sarah is also asking to be released from her contract with the network. In the same way that a contract requires the mutual consent of the two parties, there cannot also be a unilateral cancellation of the contract by Sarah alone,” the statement said.

The Kapuso network pointed out that it has “invested heavily on Sarah, being a home-grown exclusive talent and considered as one of GMA’s priority stars. (It) will not simply allow her to walk away from her contract.”

The network also denied Sarah’s claim that it aired “a one sided story about what’s happening” on the Sunday talk show “Hot TV.”

“There was absolutely no truth to this,” said the statement. GMA7 claimed that the show, through its researcher Malou Santiago, contacted Sarah’s handler, Monica Carla Sevillano to get her statement. The show, however “did not receive any response from Sarah.”


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  • indiosbravos2002

    No wonder talents at GMA 7 are less known than ABCCBN2

    • surigao_miners

       pinapasikat ng GMA sinusulot ng ABS CBN yan ang totoong storya…

      • mypride

        Meron ba? Sino?

      • Heartrob ng Pugad Baboy

        Angel Locsin
        Valerie Concepcion (GMA stood by her side when she got pregnant at 16)

      • barok

        Angel was dumped bec they have Marian, it was the right move for her. Other than that, wala ng mga sikat…

        GMA pirated the following:
        Ogie and Michael V from TV5
        Marvin Agustin
        Richard Gomez

      • Heartrob ng Pugad Baboy


        Angel was not dumped.  She was the star of GMA back then.  Why woulld GMA dump her?  Marian was barely in the showbizness at that time (two films and 3 tv shows in two years) .    Ms Locsin signed with ABS CBN without giving GMA to counter offer.  Ms Locsin dumped ABS CBN.  

        Remember how big Angel Locsin back then?  Where is she now?  

        Look at the time line of Marian’s and Angel’s career.  Marian career, or should I say, GMA basically switched to Marian after Angel left (2007).    

        Ogie and Michael V?  You are kidding right?  Majority of their careers were spent working with GMA.  

        That’s besides the point.  All major networks does it.  TV5 did massive signings (Ate Showie and Wowweee) when MVP took over.

        ***I can’t believe I know all of these information :D***

      • GustoKoHappyKa

        that’s angel ang bigstar ng 7 dati.. si marian ang role nga nyan nanay na eh..kung di umalis si angel baka nga sya ang marimar…saka gustong gusto ko sa darna custome non si angel hehe.meron pa ko non nude darna photoshop picture ni angel..errr… :P

      • archerfan

        tigilan mo na yang pag droga. tingnan mo nangyari sa pagiisip mo.

      • archerfan

        tama!!  GMA ang nag discover at nagpasikat, tapos susulutin pailalim ng abs cbn para gamitin sandali or ilayo lang sa gma.  yung mga taga abs na lumilipat sa gma, mga wala ng project or di mabigyan ng break, tapos pasisikatin ng gma.

      • fuctore

        engot din ang isang ito.
        kaya nga lumipat kasi hindi sumikat sikat sa GMA kasi puro sina Richard, Marian at Dingdong lang lagi ang may projects.
        Yung mga dating sikat ng Dos na lumipat sa Syete, tulad nina Claudine, Jolina, Marvin atbp,
        Hayun , mga pinaglubugan na ng araw.

      • archerfan

        estupido ka pala eh so ibig mo sabihin gagastusan at pag aaksyahan ng panahon ng abs ipirate kung hindi sikat?  so ibig mo sabihin kasing engot mo abs?  Malamang!!! yung mga umalis, lahat yun ginapang ng abs, patryador kinausap at nilagyan manager para lang makuha.  maillayo lang sa gma.  eh ok lang naman kasi kaya ng gma magpasikat. eh lalo na ngayun nakapwesto matibay si kris so matapang abs.  watch mo ilang sikat sa gma makukuha nila dahil takot managers kay kris at deo.

      • fuctore

        Hunghang ka sa pag ka engot.
        Iyang mga pinagsasabi ay base lang sa sarili mong panniwala kasi nga ay fantard ka ng istasyon sa kamuning! iyun lang yon , kaya ganyan ka mag isip.
        In short! Puro imbento lang ng utak mong ampaw!
        Wala ng tatalo sa iyo!
        Ikaw na tito boy!

      • fuctore

        Issue ng katiwalian sa GMA, pero ABS CBN ang tinitira ng mga hunghang na ito .
        Pero sa totoo lang naman talaga at walang kaduda duda,
        Hindi kilala ng masa ang mga artista sa syete, hindi katulad sa Dos,
        obvious naman ito sa mga TV ads na lang , halos puro mga taga dos ang nakukuha ng mga Ad agencies. Partida pa dun yung mga pelikula nila na mas kumikita ng di hamak kaysa sa GMA.
        Yung mga nasa Dos ngayon na galing sa GMA ay mga lumipat at hindi napirata at hindi naman ito nakakapagtaka kung gusto mo talaga sumikat.
        Kita naman ang ebidensya.
        Pero yung mga lumipat sa Syete galing sa Dos,
        Hayun, nasa kangkungan na at di na nasikatan ng araw.

    • archerfan

      really now?? so how come they keep on pirating talents from gma?  how come kris A. is using all her influence trying to make a deal and get Dingdong and Marian from gma. 

  • ruben_bush

    C’mon GMA, you should stop exploiting these young actors and actresses.  This show business in the Philippines is the most exploitative. The big networks and talent management outfits try to “bleed dry” all thier talents.  Somehow, the Senate or the Congress, (attention Senator Sotto and Senator Lapid and other artistas in Congress!!!) should investigate this and make bills that would further regulate and protect our young actors and actresses from these blood-sucking monsters.  Sarah Lahbati should be supported by the public in her struggle against these exploitation in show business.  

  • Echuserang_Froglet

    grave ang starlet ng gma, labasan na ng baho. yuckies. kadiri. eeeewwwwwww. 

  • Meow Ming

    Exploitative naman GMA. Gusto ng bata na mag-aral, bakit pipigilan?

    • GustoKoHappyKa

      mag aral my ass…hahaha…style yan ni Annabelle.. tignan mo mga alaga nyan..nasa channel 5….gagawa issue para bitawan ng 7… ilang beses ng ginawa ni annabelle yan..

  • vir_a

    If this is in government, this is a form of corruption.

  • wawa2172

    I guess what should be done is to review the contract signed by the actress with GMA 7. It seems that the lady is confused of what he signed and not honoring it. It means breached of contract and that should be for the court to decide. As far as co-management is concerned. About GMAAC and Icon Management hefty cut on talent fee of the actress should also be investigated. The cut of 40% is really to steep for a talent. less the taxes baka barya lang ang matira sa actress. I guess hindi lang ito nang yayari sa GMA but perhaps in ABS and TV 5 where talents are exploited. Nonetheless, Rama in the scene will not help, its typical of her to create situation and maybe the actress which she now manage will be more in trouble. I would suggest that Lahbati get out of showbiz this early in time baka masira siya for not honoring the contract.

    • indiosbravos2002

      Baka si Annabelle pa nagadvice sa kanya kako.

      • GustoKoHappyKa

        yan ang style ni annabelle.. gagawa ng issue hahaha..gusto yan palipatin sa channel 5..para mas mataas komisyon nya

    • mynnyx

      ganyan ang mga taong alang dyos kasi kung may dyos sila eh di sila makakatulog nyan kasi lagi silang kakalabitin ni lord……….

    • janglegirl

      Annabel Rama is in the scene so it is possible that she’s stirring trouble among the GMA talents. Rama is no better than GMAAC.

    • Allan

      your english is like pac-u. buti pa tagalugin mo na lang… please…

  • ryq24

    most gma’s talent would leave for abs-cbn if given a chance.abs knows how to build up a talent unlike gma. it’s more prestigous to work for abs than gma.

    • Pio Gante

      kapamilya ka pala?

      • fuctore

        Truth will set you free…

    • popeyee

      pare-pareho lang ang abs at gma talent, nagririgodon sa tatlong network at walang ibang dahilan kundi “career move”. 

  • Danilo

    This is an ugly side of the showbiz  industry. GMA 7 is a MONSTER.  TV networks like GMA 7  prey on the neophytes. Breaking into show business often requires “signing one’s life away” through unfair contract agreements. Unknown entertainers will unwittingly enter one-sided contracts for a chance of fame. Artists are trapped in “slave contracts”. Under the clauses of these “slave contracts”, the artists are forced to work long hours for little pay. They have little to no freedom over their schedules or private lives. In many cases, they are obliged to stay with their agencies for an unruly number of years. During this time, these artists are unable to retire unless they are prepared to pay the hefty compensation. TV networks have tried to justify this by saying that they are protecting their investment in their “celebrity-making factory”. Improving the despicable situation requires the  government to impose stricter human rights legislation. With any luck, more public pressure and  awareness would set this in motion.

    • Heartrob ng Pugad Baboy

      Sadly this is the truth.  For every Sharon Cuneta and Willie Revillame, there are hundreds of Lahbati.  Masyadong nakakasilaw ang luningning ng industriya at mahirap ang mabigyan ng pagkakataon.  Kaya pag may tsansa, pipirma lalo na kapag di ka sikat.  

      75% of something is better than 100% of nothing.  Not saying that is right but just putting it in perspective.

      • janglegirl

        For every talent who wants out of their contract, there are probably more than a thousand who wants that job.  Sarah should count herself lucky that she’s priority talent. Probably helps being the girl of Richard Gutierrez which ups her profile a bit though I don’t even know her until this news came out.  Many many others out there are struggling to even get their feet on the door. 

  • Bigboy I

    yan ang hirap sa isang tv network na pati yung mga palabas sa tv pinanghihimusakan at yung pag manage ng talent nagkakaroon ng conflict of interest. so ibig sabihin kung outsider ka at di ka under ng gma artist malabo ka magkaroon ng project. dahil bagsak na mga independent movie production at kadalasan sa movie outfits ay hawak na ng tv network. so san ka pa tatakbo!? sila me hawak sa airwaves pwede nila kontrolin kung sino gusto nila pasikatin.  dapat sana dun sa ipapasa na anti trust bill ng senado matalakay to mga malalaking network na dambuhala.

  • Boy Dalius

    Basta pangalang GMA di mapagkakatiwalaan, president man o network. lol.

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