Impeachment blues—and blahs


09:51 PM March 2nd, 2012

By: Andy Bais, March 2nd, 2012 09:51 PM

LEGASPI. Good looks aren’t everything.

NELLIE Vidal, store manager: “The on-going impeachment trial aired live on news channels is a showcase of how well or how badly our senators and congressmen play their roles as judges and prosecutors. A senator-judge finally spoke up—but, it was embarrassing—natawa pa s’ya sa pinagsasabi niya!

“Another senator-judge asked questions that had already been addressed—para makapagtanong lang. And others love to seize every opportunity they get to talk. I hope that, based on what they see on TV, voters will be wiser in choosing their bets for the next elections!”

Other notes:

Grace Apao, executive secretary: “Stars need to look their best in films or on TV, that’s why some of them go to the extent of undergoing ‘facial enhancement.’ Sadly for some, however, the transformation is so obvious that they don’t look like their old selves anymore. Worse, the change calls so much attention that it gets in the way of their performance!

Character actress

“Recently, I watched a local film and the audience laughed each time a character actress with a heavily botox-ed face appeared. It’s a pity, because she was good in that film.”

Irene Calumpang, televiewer: “Despite being one the hosts of TV5’s ‘Paparazzi’ for quite some time now, Zoren Legaspi has still to convince me that he’s an effective talk-show host. Yes, he looks good, but the way he delivers his spiels, it’s obvious that he’s reading from a teleprompter.”

Leo Amores, nurse: “Thanks to Channel 23 for airing the Oscar awards last Monday. It was a couple of hours delayed, but it had fewer commercials. Had it been aired on major networks, the show would have had endless commercial breaks!”

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