The turning point in Aicelle’s performing career

Aicelle Santos

Aicelle Santos totally blew me away with her performance in “Rak of Aegis.” I became her instant fan. When I got to hang out with Aicelle and our common friends, Bo Cerrudo, Isay and Robert Seña, she endeared herself to me all the more. Aicelle spreads her joie de vivre around so well. The sultry stunner is sunshine personified onstage and off.

Let Aicelle regale you in the concert “Awit Na Aicelle,” on Nov. 24, 8 p.m. at Music Museum (call 891-9999). Her special guests include Gary Valenciano, Quest, Bullet Dumas, Myke Salomon and The Company. It’s a celebration of what music has done for the chanteuse extraordinaire through her journey. Bravo! Keep singing your heart out, “Aicellerando.”

Here’s my chat with Aicelle:

What are your rituals before a concert? Do physical warmup, stretch and cardio. Eat a banana. Take a shot of cognac. Pray.

What was the turning point in your career? Musical theater opened bigger doors for me. I grew as a performer and found purpose through music.

What are the five songs that somehow sum up your life so far? “Liwanag,” “Kapangyarihan ng Pag-ibig,” “Palaging Ikaw,” “Ikaw Pa Rin” and “All Gone”—all from my album. #loveyourown #promoteopm

What was your most embarrassing moment onstage? I fell on my butt while singing.

What’s the cheesiest thing that your boyfriend Mark (Zambrano) has done for you? When he posted on Instagram that “we” were “official.” It’s seldom you see “loud and proud” guys. Ang haba ng hair ko (laughs)!

How do you and Mark handle disagreements? We’d often ask each other, “What is it that we would fight or argue about?” There’s been no fighting or disagreement up to this day.

What are your thoughts on lip syncing? I lost my voice once, so I had to lip sync during an album mall tour. I felt bad! I’m never doing it again. It was like fooling myself and my audience.

Do you still get stage fright? Always. I’d remind myself that I don’t have to always please the crowd. That being onstage is about telling a story, sharing God’s love through music, and simply having fun.

What song would you rather not sing? “Baby Shark” and “Let It Go.”

Are great singers born, not made? The ability to sing is a gift, but it has to be honed. Great singing comes from years of performing. Life experiences play a big role, too. It makes singing more soulful and beautiful.

Kris Aquino joins the growing roster of celebrity brand ambassadors of telco giants, PLDT and Smart, by way of the special editions of her video blogs.


Tuldok, November 7, 2017