WATCH: Anime fan shaves head to protest director ousting in ‘Kemono Friends’

Image: YouTube/Kabain (カーバイン).

A fan of the Japanese anime hit “Kemono Friends” shaved his head and captured it on video. It’s his protest about the sudden dismissal of director Tatsuki from the project.

Tatsuki is regarded by fans as the reason for the anime series’ success. This fueled the outrage they felt when it was announced that he will not be involved with the show’s second season, reports Kotaku.

The head-shaving fan hid his identity by wearing a mask and can only be identified by his YouTube and NicoNico Douga account name of “Kabain.”

Despite the nature of his video, Kabain had been respectful in asking the show’s makers for the reinstatement of Tatsuki as the director. He even expressed gratitude for show’s creation in the first place.

Shaving one’s head, in Japanese tradition, stands for a show of devotion or apology.

Kadokawa Dwango, the principal company behind the “Kemono Friends” anime issued a statement to address the fans’ concerns. It was translated from Japanese to English by a Twitter user and posted online to accommodate international fans of the show.

Apparently, Tatsuki and production studio Yaoyorozu had infringed on information regarding the project. However, Kadokawa Dwango, did not elaborate on what this piece of information was. The company stated that a set of new conditions were requested of Yaoyorozu. The production house declined and decided to pull out of the project.

News of Tatsuki’s removal from the project came from the director himself when he announced it on a tweet.

“It’s sudden, but I have been removed from Kemono Friends. I’m sorry. I’m also extremely disappointed.” Image: Twitter/@irodori7

Kadokawa Dwango has not yet announced who the new director will be. JB


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